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  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
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Acupressure and massage: what you need to know


Acupressure and massage: what you need to know



Massage and acupressure are two of the most popular body-care therapies. However, there are many differences between these two methods; they are not the same. How is it different? The information below will help you understand it more clearly!



1. About Acupressure


1.1. What is acupressure?


The principle of acupressure is that there are certain points on the hands and feet that connect energy to organs and parts of the body. By applying pressure to reflex areas, acupressure specialists help remove energy blockages while promoting health in the relevant body areas.


Here are some points and corresponding body parts:


  • The tips of the toes are related to the head.
  • The fleshy part of the sole of the foot is related to the heart and chest.
  • In the arch of the foot: related to the liver, pancreas, and kidney
  • Heel: related to the lower back and intestines


According to acupressure experts, pressure on reflex points also helps balance the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins, thereby reducing pain-effective stress.


1.2. Benefits of acupressure


Acupressure is used to address the following conditions:


  • Stress and stress-related conditions
  • Headaches (caused by stress) and migraines
  • Digestive disorders 
  • Arthritis 
  • Hormonal imbalances 
  • Sports injuries 
  • Menstrual disorders (premenstrual syndrome)
  • Digestive problems (constipation)
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Insomnia
  • Back pain 


Acupressure is also used for post-operative care and cancer pain.


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Six hands massage



1.3. What happens during acupressure?


A typical treatment lasts 30–60 minutes, beginning with the patient discussing his medical history, health issues, and lifestyle with the acupressure specialist. This helps the acupressure specialist customize the treatment accordingly.


Then, the patient is asked to remove shoes and socks and sit comfortably in a reclining chair or massage bed. Next, the reflexologist will evaluate the foot, stimulating different points to identify areas of pain and tightness.


Therapists can use quick movements and massage to warm the hands and feet. Then, apply pressure with your thumb or fingers on the foot using the acupressure technique. Therapists can also use lotions, oils, glosses, brushes, staples, etc. to assist in the treatment process.


What happens during acupressure?

What happens during acupressure?


2.4. Tips for getting the best acupressure



Most people feel relaxed during acupressure. Acupressure does not cause pain. If you feel uncomfortable, you should tell the acupressure specialist.


Some areas during acupressure may be tender or painful, and your doctor will need to spend more time working on these points. The pain will decrease when pressure is applied. If you feel ticklish, the patient should not worry because this is a normal reaction.


After a reflexology session, most people feel calmer and more relaxed. Occasionally, some people experience nausea, drowsiness, and mood changes.


However, during the acupressure process, you need to pay attention to a few of the following issues:


  • You should discuss with the acupressure specialist your health history.


  • If you are suffering from any other conditions, such as foot ulcers, recent injuries, or wounds to your feet or ankles, gout, or cardiovascular disease, you should avoid acupressure.


  • Acupressure may also not be suitable for people with diabetes, osteoarthritis (affecting the ankles and feet), circulation problems, severe infections, gallstones, kidney stones, or certain types of cancer.


  • If you are pregnant, you should avoid acupressure.



2. About Massage



2.1. What is massage?


Massage is a method of using hands, feet, or mechanical devices to stretch, move, or vibrate the body's muscles and bones. Common movements used in massage are rubbing, pressing, kneading, pressing, punching, and vibrating with hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, feet, knees, or separate equipment.


Massage is one of the most popular and simple health care methods that has existed since ancient times, around 3000 BC. Massage mainly helps people treat injuries and pain and calm the mind. These are the conclusions that people have drawn from how massage in certain places effectively affects healing.


Massage has many advantages, such as simplicity, effectiveness, a wide range of treatments, and good disease prevention ability. It can be used in any situation without being dependent on other means. But for the massage to bring the best results, the massage time is a minimum of 30 minutes for the limbs, face, etc. and a maximum of 60–90 minutes for the whole body.


Massage is one of the most popular and simple health care methods



2.2. Popular massage techniques


Massage has many techniques that originate in other countries. In general, massage is based on the health needs of everyone.


  • Shiatsu massage is a massage technique originating in Japan. When performing Shiatsu massage, the masseuse will use fingers and hands to create pressing, patting, rubbing, pulling, kneading, etc. movements on acupuncture points on the body. This method has good effects on reducing pain, relieving stress, and relaxing the mind.


  • Thai massage helps increase circulation, regenerate energy, and relax the body. When performing Thai massage, the palms and fingers will put pressure on the body, combined with a series of stretching movements for the whole body, stretching each point on the body.


  • Swedish massage is a massage method that is considered very gentle. It is suitable for people who are new to massage, sensitive people, pregnant women, the elderly, etc. Swedish massage movements are characterized by the techniques of kneading, vibrating, and circular movements.


  • Hot stone massage has the effect of reducing pain, improving insomnia, reducing stress, increasing skin health, and improving some cardiovascular problems. The temperature of the stones can directly touch the areas of the back, abdomen, arms, legs, other painful areas, etc.


  • Chinese Massage: The techniques of Chinese massage include: the kneeling technique, performed from light to strong pressure; the push-up technique, which causes the hands to press close to the massage area, quickly stimulating; Massage, manipulation, and vibration techniques help stimulate blood circulation. Chinese massage often has strong, decisive movements, which is not suitable for people who are sensitive or have weak health.


  • Lomi lomi, or Hawaiian massage, means ‘rub’ in Hawaiian. It reflects the broad, fluid strokes made with the therapist's fingers, thumbs, palms, arms, and elbows. Macadamia oil, palm oil, and coconut oil are often used as moisturizers in lomi-lomi massage to keep the stroking movements smooth and nourish the skin. Hawaiian massage originated as a general healing practice, used daily to maintain health and aid digestion during parties.


Popular massage techniques

Popular massage techniques



2.3. What happens during a massage?


Before your massage, you will discuss your problems with your therapist. Massage can affect the whole body or focus on just one area. You will start lying on your back or stomach under a sheet. You may undress and change into a treatment spa robe. During the massage, in addition to the palms, fingertips, and knuckles, your therapist may use the forearm or elbow to increase pressure.


It is important to be open with your massage therapist about the level of pressure and discomfort you want to endure. This may vary for certain areas and throughout the massage. Feel free to talk to your massage therapist before and during your massage.

You will feel a lot of pain after the massage. Your therapist may recommend ice, heat, or stretching treatments. However, it is the body's reaction when exposed to stress and pain after a long period of time. 


2.4. Tips for getting the best massage


To minimize pain after massage, here are some expert tips for choosing the best massage spa address.


  • Find the right massage therapist. Look for a therapist who specifically identifies the type of massage you are interested in as part of their practice and background. If needed, find someone trained to treat a specific condition, such as a sports injury, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or pregnancy. Also check to see if the therapist is licensed or certified.


  • Talk to your therapist about any injuries. Be clear about the extent of your injury, how long it will take to heal, and what your current pain level is.


  • Talk about your comfort level. Tell your massage therapist which areas you don't want them to touch.


  • Talk about your goals and expectations. You just want to relax? Are you trying to recover from an injury?


  • Discuss pressure. Talk to your therapist about what level of pressure is best for you.


  • Drink plenty of water before a massage.


Choosing the most reputable spa address to get the best massage

Choosing the most reputable spa address to get the best massage


3. Acupressure and massage


Massage and acupressure therapy give patients similar feelings. However, with acupressure, experts will work on specific areas to promote a healing response in the respective organs. With foot massage, specialists manipulate muscles and other soft tissues to improve circulation, reduce pain, heal injuries in the area, or create a feeling of relaxation for the body.


Although acupressure should not be used as the sole treatment for any condition, it can be a relaxing treatment for the feet and has many benefits for the body's organs.


In short, acupressure massage is very good for your health, helping to improve illness and body fatigue, but you need to clearly understand what to avoid to use it more effectively.


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