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  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
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Chinese Massage Guide: Definition, Originality, Benifits and Techniques


Chinese Massage Guide: Definition, Originality, Benefits, and Techniques


Chinese massage is a traditional massage method that has health care benefits. China is also the cradle for the formation and development of many famous massage techniques, such as shiatsu massage, traditional Vietnamese massage, and acupressure. What are the benefits of Chinese massage? What are the detailed implementation techniques? Read Herbal Spa's article below to find answers to these questions!


1. What is a Chinese massage?


Chinese massage is a traditional form of massage that originated in ancient China. This type of massage dates back more than 2000 years, mainly focusing on balancing the qi in the body. The ancient Chinese believed that qi was an important source of life energy for our body. Loss of vitality can cause blockages or imbalances in the functioning of the body's organs, which can lead to pain and illness.


This traditional massage method mainly uses manual manipulations to support relaxation and therapy. When pressure is applied through hand techniques to the body, the user will immediately feel relaxed and comfortable, dispelling physical fatigue all day and effectively relieving mental pressure.


Nowadays, Chinese massage is becoming more and more popular around the world. Chinese massage therapists often focus on pain relief benefits, as opposed to the Western model of stress reduction and relaxation. Chinese massage addresses and balances the client's entire holistic health, not just specific symptoms.


Chinese massage is a traditional form of massage that originated in ancient China

Chinese massage is a traditional form of massage that originated in ancient China


2. Types of Chinese Massage


Chinese massage refers to two main types of therapy: tui na and zhi ya. In addition, in traditional Chinese medicine, there are also a number of techniques applied to combat and prevent specific diseases.


2.1. Tui Na Massage 


Tuina massage (Tui na) is a massage method that originated in ancient China. Tuina massage stimulates the flow of chi to promote balance and harmony in the body using many of the same principles of acupuncture by targeting acupressure points. Instead of using needles, the practitioner will use their fingers to apply pressure to stimulate acupressure points. Tuina massage is often used in conjunction with acupuncture for maximum effectiveness.


The purpose of the Tuina massage method is that true health is achieved when a person finds harmony and balance within himself and the external environment. Tuina massage helps clear the meridians, reduce congestion, pain, and illness, reduce stagnation in blood circulation, and bring a sense of comfort to the soul. In this massage method, the practitioner will perform different massage techniques in terms of force and speed. Tuina massage can be performed as a deep tissue massage or can also be gentle, depending on each person's constitution.


The Tuina massage method uses common techniques such as kneading, squeezing, and stretching movements to relieve pain and reduce congestion in the body's musculature.


Tuina massage

Tuina massage


2.2. Zhi Ya massage


Zhi Ya massage has many similarities with Tui-na massage in terms of purpose. It is effective in releasing both mental and physical stress to restore balance and kickstart the body's healing process. However, Zhi Ya massage focuses on pinching and pressing movements on the surface of the skin. The techniques are equivalent to traditional acupressure.


2.3. Gua Sha Massage


In Chinese, “gua” means scratches, and “sha” means small, flat, purple, or red spots. Gua Sha massage is a full-body treatment. The key point of the Gua Sha massage method is to use a gemstone massage tool to scrape the skin (usually the face and upper back) to help increase blood flow, release toxic heat, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and activate different points on the body. Gua Sha massage also helps bring useful cells to each area of the body by stimulating the immune response.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi (qi) is the energy that flows through the body. Many people believe that the qi in the body must be balanced and circulate smoothly to ensure good health. Stagnation of blood and qi can be the root cause of inflammation and chronic pain. The act of rubbing stones on key locations of the body helps break down bad energy, reduces inflammation, and promotes self-healing.


Gua Sha massage is a safe, non-invasive beauty method. However, putting a stone massage tool in contact with the skin with a strong force will lead to broken capillaries on the skin. This may lead to bruising and minor bleeding. The bruise will disappear within a few days. Limit bleeding because it will easily spread infectious diseases and damage the skin.


If you use blood thinners or have a blood clotting disorder, you should not apply the Gua Sha massage method.


Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha Massage


2.4. Cupping 


Cupping is a traditional Chinese method that uses cupping suction for deep tissue massage. Instead of applying pressure with your hands, cupping uses cup-like suction to soothe the body's pain. First, the therapist will add a drop of oil to the area of the body to create smoothness and perform a push-pull massage. The therapist will then use the cups to begin the treatment.


There are two types of cups, including glass cups and plastic cups. Glass cups have suction when exposed to heat. So the therapist will take a small match to heat the inside of the cup and then apply it to areas of your body. You won't feel the heat, but the heat itself will draw air out of the cup and allow it to be sucked into your skin.


There are also plastic cups, which have a method of screwing the top to remove air. The plastic cups serve double duty as a scraper to massage the entire target area with long strokes before leaving the cup in specific locations for 10–15 minutes.


After separating the cup, purple-red circles may remain. Well-treated spots, without stress, will look like nothing happened. Only trouble spots appear in circles. But don't worry, it's not a bruise. Remember, the cup effect is upward, not downward, so dark circles indicate the cup is doing its job of sucking out lactic acid and releasing knots from the area. These circular spots will last for several days.


Cupping is a traditional Chinese massage therapy

Cupping is a traditional Chinese massage therapy


3. Chinese massage techniques


Chinese massage includes five main techniques. Below are detailed instructions on the steps to follow.


3.1. Pressing 


Pressing involves squeezing and twisting movements that apply direct pressure to the patient. This pressure can relieve muscle spasms and resolve knots or stiffness. Compression also promotes blood circulation. When performing the pressing technique, remember to keep your center of gravity close to the body surface, use light to heavy force, and avoid using sudden pressure.


3.2. Friction 


Friction is a technique similar to other massage methods. It involves rubbing or gliding movements to realign muscles and resolve knots or tension. Massage therapists can generate heat by rubbing in circular motions over the area to warm the muscles.


3.3. Vibration 


The therapist will kick, shake, or vibrate an area to apply pressure. This releases tension, improves digestive function, and eliminates stagnation, allowing Qi to continue to circulate properly.


3.4. Pinching and grasping


The therapist will focus on soft tissue areas, kneading, pinching, and twisting the area. Often applied to areas such as the upper shoulders, this helps relieve tension and allows chi to move through the meridians.


3.5. Joint Manipulation 


Focusing on the axis of body parts such as the shoulders and hips, joint manipulation involves rotating and pulling movements to increase joint range of motion and flexibility. It also promotes flexibility in the spine and limbs.


Chinese massage techniques

Chinese massage techniques


4. Benefits of Chinese Massage


Chinese massage has many benefits for your health and spirit. Some of the benefits of Chinese massage include:


  • Pain and stress relief: Chinese massage can help reduce pain and tension in the body, helping you feel more relaxed and comfortable.


  • Enhance blood circulation: Chinese massage techniques can help stimulate and enhance blood circulation in the body, helping to provide nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues in the body.


  • Strengthens the immune system: Chinese massage can help strengthen the immune system, helping you resist diseases and deal with harmful environmental factors.


  • Reduce psychological stress: Chinese massage can help reduce psychological tension, stress, and anxiety, helping you feel more refreshed and comfortable.


  • Improve sleep: Chinese massage can help improve sleep, helping you sleep better and wake up energized in the morning.


  • Enhance body elasticity: Chinese massage techniques can help increase body elasticity, helping you reduce the risk of injury and increase mobility.


Chinese massage has many benefits for your health and spirit

Chinese massage has many benefits for your health and spirit


5. What conditions does Chinese massage treat?


Oriental massage is used to treat a variety of conditions, including:


  • Headaches or migraines
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Fatigue 
  • Muscle aches 
  • Sciatica injuries and recovery from surgery
  • Arthritis symptoms 
  • History of lactic acid accumulation
  • Congestion around acupuncture points



6. Chinese massage vs. Other remedial massage


Chinese massage and therapeutic massage focus on different muscle interactions in the body and have different goals. While Oriental massage treats a variety of ailments, therapeutic massage focuses on specific areas, such as injuries or recurring problems. By focusing on the flow of energy through the meridians, Oriental massage takes a more holistic approach, working on the body to produce results. It may also involve other techniques, such as acupuncture. Visualization and redirection of the patient's energy are important in traditional Chinese massage therapy.


Remedial massage focuses on specific points or areas with the goal of relieving pain from injury or preventing further injury. It may require frequent, consistent treatment and the use of varying amounts of pressure, depending on the patient and the problem. Remedial massages usually last longer, while Oriental massages can last from 20 minutes to an hour and do not always need to be done regularly. Some therapeutic massage therapists do incorporate Chinese massage techniques, such as compression or friction, but this is purely for the muscle benefits they provide and not about the Qi of the patient.


With the above benefits, Chinese massage is being interested in and chosen by many people. However, when looking for Chinese massage services, you need to pay attention to reputable and experienced massage facilities to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the massage process.


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