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When you think of massage, you probably expect to be a passive participant -- lying under a blanket as a masseuse presses and kneads your tight muscles. However, a Thailand massage is a whole different experience. Yes, there's a masseuse using his palms to knead your muscles, but you'll also be twisted, stretched and have feet, thumbs and fist work your body. Asanas, or yoga poses, are also part of this Eastern massage tradition.

Thai massage has many health benefits, from lowering stress to relieving muscular tension. It can even increase energy. Below, we discuss five health benefits of Thai massage :

1. Enhanced Energy Flow

Thailand massage works off the belief that tightened muscles lead to the diminished flow of energy in your body. When energy can't flow freely, you become inflexible, suffer pain and feel stiff. Overtime, this leads to shortened muscles and connective tissue that affects your posture, immunity and organ function -- all of which speed up aging and disability.

The pressing techniques used in Thailand massage are designed to increase blood circulation to facilitate the better flow of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. It also helps your body naturally get rid of waste, such as metabolic byproducts and carbon dioxide, more efficiently.
Adding stretching to the massage process helps relax the muscles further, so they naturally regain natural flexibility and tone. You'll relieve chronic stiffness and experience improved mobility.

2. Benificial for Pain Relief

Thailand massage is an alternative way for people to deal with chronic pain, and can be quite effective for temporary relief showed a review of the research published in 2015 in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. In the six studies reviewed, people reported a 25 to 80 percent reduction of pain that lasted up to 15 weeks following a Thailand massage protocol.

Thailand massage has been particularly effective as an intervention for people with scapulocostal syndrome, a painful condition that strikes the back of the shoulder blade. A study published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies in 2012 showed that people with the condition who participated in a total of nine 30-minute Thailand massage sessions over three weeks, improved in terms of pain intensity, pain threshold and muscle tension. The Thailand massage participants reported better pain relief outcomes than a group that underwent more traditional physical therapy treatments.

3. Relieves headaches

A specific type of Thailand massage that involves applying pressure against specific meridians in the body, called court-type Thai massage, was shown as an effective treatment for people suffering from chronic tension headaches. The study, published in a 2015 issue of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, explains that the relief may be attributed to how Thai massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation and relaxes the sympathetic nervous system.

4. Stress Reduction

More traditional therapeutic massage is often prescribed as a way to reduce stress and induce relaxation. Thailand massage affords these same benefits. A study published in Medical Science Monitor Basic Research in 2015 tested the ability of Thailand massage to reduce enzymatic markers of stress and, thus, a person's overall stress level. Researchers found that Thailand massage was slightly more effective than simply resting in reducing psychological stress.

5. Precautions

Although Thailand Massage offers multiple benefits, it may be contraindicated for some populations, including patients with cancer, who are pregnant and those suffering from back injury, such as a herniated disk. Also, if you are weak and infirmed, Thailand massage in unlikely to be the right type of therapy for you.

Herbal hope that you understand clearly about this style and wish you have great time in our SPA.


Beside this, Thailand massage have benefits for Athletes: 

  1. The Power of Stretching
  2. Again with the Circulation
  3. Improves your Range of Motion
  4. Increase in Energy
  5. Circulation of Blood
  6. Eases Muscle & Joint Pain


Thai massage is an ancient practice with many benefits that are supported by modern science. It may reduce the severity of your headaches, decrease lower back and joint pain, increase your flexibility, calm your anxieties, and energize your mind and body.

Thai massage isn’t a passive treatment. Your practitioner will move you through a gradual series of yoga-like positions in addition to working on the tension in your muscles.

Thai massage may not be safe for everyone. If you have an underlying health condition, be sure to find out from your doctor if this traditional form of massage is safe for you.

For those who are convinced, we recommend the exceptional Thai massage therapy that we provide here at Herbal Spa. With a team of quality massage therapists, you’re guaranteed to reap the health benefits of a Thai massage while allowing your mind to drift into a meditative state like none other.

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