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herbal spa
herbal spa
herbal spa



Start a great day with Herbal Spa, sit down with Herbal to chat , relax, feel professional massage and immerse yourself in soothing music tunes , listen " How long has your body been tired? ". Delicate lightness and friendly gestures by professional massage and reception staff are the fist thing customer will feel when they come at Herbal Spa. A quiet space with a gentle fragrance in a harmonious melody with gentel gliding and dancing massage hand touches every breath of the skin, blood vessels,awakening each potential energy of body. Let Herbal Spa cherish your body .


If you choose 120 minutes  massage package , you will get 40 minutes for your face or body for FREE :


* Facial mini mask

* Facial mini massage

* Facial mini exfoliating - suction sebum

* Body scrub 

* Body whitening



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