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Back is home to a lot of important acupuncture points: great lobe, life gate, spleen transporter, kidney transporter, etc.

In addition, there are also a lot of nerves and the spinal cord. They govern the ability of body movement and the function of the cardiovascular system and other organs. Hence back massage will stimulate acupuncture points and other organs in the area. It will help to boost blood circulation and increase the flexibility of the body. 



Besides therapeutic massage, Herbal Spa will bring a speedy recovery for your back area by using traditional dried leaf medicine of Thai ethnic people in the northwest of Nghe An. This traditional medicine will help dispel any soreness or fatigue.


Guests will relax the course in 60- 90 minutes with coconut oil, hot stones, in case you using the 90-minute service, you will feel the perfect combination between traditional Vietnamese movements and the method. Traditional or modern cupping method through negative pressure.

At Herbal Spa, we specially use warm herbal bags, put on important acupuncture points of the body such as your neck, eyes, abdomen, palms, feet.



According to Oriental medicine, if combined with heat therapy with natural herbal essences, it will directly affect the points on the body to help blood circulation quickly soothe the aches and pains. 





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