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herbal spa
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Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage is currently the most innovative method of massage, especially to prevent aging and avoid muscle dysfunction. Bamboo massage uses different sizes of bamboo to activate blood circulation. It is applied to the body's large muscles or to some acupuncture points, such as: soles, knees, arms, ankles, back, neck and shoulders. Our therapist will use bamboo to roll and press, plus weight appropriate techniques to promote muscles can effectively reduce the probability of stroke, avoid muscle disorders, promote blood circulation, and accelerate detoxification in the body. In addition, the stable heat temperature of the bamboo board can generate silicon in the heat output process during the heating process, and the pure natural essential oil of cinnamon, cherry, vanilla and ginger penetrates into the deep layer of the skin to make the body more comfortable and completely relax. The treatment process includes:

 Step1: enjoy Herbal tea.

 Step 2: Apply essential oils, massage the body, combine with hot bamboo to restore physical strength, detoxify, relieve muscle and joint pain and bone and joint diseases.

 The last step: Enjoy seaweeds soup, fruit and nutritious drinks. 


Price List of Services:

  • Massage 70 mins: 550.000 VND
  • Massage 90 mins: 700.000VND
  • Massage 120 mins: 900.000VND


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