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Candle Massage is a special essential oil in the form of candles. Its ingredients are all-natural such as Soybean Butter, Jojoba Seed, Vitamin E and Distillation Oils with 9 different aromas, which make you feel your skin much softer, smoother as they are using the lotion.




The course is a perfect combination of massage, acupressure, and candle massage. It helps not only relax, balance vitality and revitalize your body but also prevent substance abuse and mental illness. Your body will recover quickly, increase blood circulation to clear any blood obstruction.



 In addition to that, it also helps the blood cells, capillaries, and reflexive nerves to be continuous and powerful. The heat from massage and candles will release the tight muscles, acupuncture points helping to get of bruising, reduce muscle tension, stimulate the circulation of blood, destroy and eliminate toxins, balance oxygen in the brain and free mental.



First, candle massage is lighted like a regular candle. Then it will melt into a hot liquid like a moisture cream with a gentle, pure scent. With a special formula, you will not feel hot but only soft, relaxed and refreshed. 




Therefore, you will be advised not to take a bath immediately after the massage to help the candle essential oil rub into the skin, increase the effectiveness of conditioning and moisturizing.




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