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Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu acupressure is one of the favorite health care courses in Japan, helping relaxing, excitement and physical fitness. In Japanese, shiatsu is a technique that uses the hands, especially the thumb to create pressure on the skin ("shi" means finger, "atsu" means press).

Herbal Spa team has been working with Japanese massage experts to learn and created own unique Shiatsu therapy. Combination of acupressure, traditional herbal remedies and special treatments only have at Herbal Spa.

All of the energy from the hands is concentrated on the fingertips, affecting all points of the body, revitalizing energy from within the body, stimulating blood circulation and metabolism, helping relieve fatigue, reduce stress, fight insomnia.

Shiatsu effectively treats migraines, headaches, low blood pressure, hypertension, muscle aches, insomnia, cramps, dysmenorrhoea and hormonal regulation in the body. Shiatsu is also good for patients with arthritis, fractures, help patients pain and painful wound treatment.

The treatment process Includes:

The first step: Enjoy herbal tea

Step 2: Shiatsu finger pressure body massage

Last step: Enjoy seaweeds soup, fruit and nutritious drinks. 


Price List of Services:

  • Massage 60 mins: 600.000 VND
  • Massage 90 mins: 850.000VND
  • Massage 120 mins: 1.000.000VND
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