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Acne Facial Care

The skin is a very important factor which defines women's beauty. You will feel lack of confidence with acne face. So the course of acne facial care at Herbal Spa will help you find your own beauty with more radiant face, dispelling worries about acne.
The course consists of:

Step 1: Cleansing and wash cleanser Dr. Spiller for acne skin.

Step 2: Steam and exfoliate with Enzyme particles, which will interact with dead skin cells to break dead skin particles without impact by force.

Step 3: Clean up minor acnes, sebum by machine. Manually clean up acnes on the face.

Step 4: Carry out sterilization, and anti-inflammatory cold cover.

Step 5: Cover with Dr. Spiller anti-acne mask.

Step 6: Cold steam to shrink pores, combined with massage for shoulder, neck and scruff of the neck to ease tension.

Final step: Spray toner, apply lotion.

All you have to do is to comfortably lie down on the gentle massage bed and cover yourself with warm blanket, enjoy mild herbal scent and listen to music and then fall into sleep



Price: 550.000VND (70-90 mins)


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