Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
201 Duong Dinh Nghe, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang 550000
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  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
  • Danang Spa: Herbal Spa Massage in Danang
Spa & Massage Danang | Herbal Spa

Herbal Heritage Spa


Herbal Heritage Spa - The Premier Relaxation and Rejuvenation Destination in Danang



Similar to Luxury Herbal Spa and Herbal Boutique Spa, Herbal Heritage Spa is a branch of Herbal Spa, established in 2018. With a luxurious and cozy atmosphere combined with exceptional body care services, Herbal Heritage Spa has received high praise from special customers.



Awakening all the senses


According to the International Spa Association, a standard spa needs to ensure the fulfillment of five sensory aspects: visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, and gustatory. Herbal Heritage Spa proudly meets all these elements, making it an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation. The space at Herbal Heritage Spa is meticulously designed, from colors and lighting to architecture, creating a friendly and close connection with nature.

When you visit Herbal Heritage Spa, you will first admire the elegance of the spa's design style. At the same time, you will feel truly relaxed by the gentle aromas of herbs and the soothing touch during each massage step. In addition, before or after a spa treatment, customers will enjoy aromatic herbal teas and light snacks to stimulate their sense of taste, as well as helping them relax and fully recover after the therapy.


With Herbal Heritage Spa, customers can relax their mind, awaken all senses, and experience unique spa massage treatments.



A natural ambiance in the massage rooms of Herbal Heritage Spa


Imagine a serene space infused with the scent of nature, accompanied by soft music and the subtle fragrance of essential oils, all blending together like a special eco-friendly journey. The harmonious combination of nature, culture, and warm classic architecture creates a balanced whole at Herbal Heritage Spa, touching emotions and awakening the life energy in each individual.



Herbal Heritage Spa - Nurturing your body


With an absolute comfort space and unique spa massage treatments in Danang, Herbal Heritage Spa will surely not disappoint you. The spa massage methods at Herbal Heritage Spa are derived and developed from traditional and modern health care arts. Combining products entirely extracted from nature, Herbal Heritage Spa helps you relax your soul and perfect your relaxation with the techniques of professional therapists.


Especially prominent at Herbal Heritage Spa are massage treatments highly appreciated by many customers, such as Herbal Spa-style full body massage, four-hand massage, six-hand massage, Shiatsu massage, deep skin care, and more.


Herbal Heritage Spa also possesses various types of aromatic essential oils and precious herbs that help relax, rejuvenate, and revitalize the body. Customers not only find psychological relief after a long day of fatigue and stress but also enjoy the health and beauty benefits after experiencing the treatments here.


With the criteria of attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and understanding of customers, Herbal Heritage Spa will be your companion on the journey of health care and beauty with high-quality services. What treatment do you desire? Herbal Heritage Spa will meet all your needs perfectly.


Herbal Heritage Spa


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Dịch vụ tại Herbal Heritage Spa


With its beautiful and relaxing ambiance and top-quality services, Herbal Heritage Spa is an excellent destination to enjoy moments of relaxation and beauty in Danang. Come and experience it yourself to feel the truly special space and the excellent body care services.



Herbal Heritage Spa Booking


Hotline: (+84) 090 108 1188

Email: herbalheritagespa@gmail.com

Zalo:  (+84) 090 108 1188

WhatsApp: (+84) 090 108 1188

KakaoTalk: HerbalBoutique

WeChat: Herbal-SPA-Danang

LINE: herbalspa

Địa chỉ: 101 Ta My Duat, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang 550000






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Favourite Services


♦ Herbal Spa Signature - Best choice at Herbal Spa

♦ Four Hands Massage - Double the Relaxation

Six Hands Massage - Six hands to relieve fatigue and stress



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